VIASEC Project Integration

Whether you have 50 or 5000 locations, we can provide a solution to check the status of your CCTV and Security systems are operational at all times.

CheckMyCCTV has been integrated into projects for retail, banking, transport, local government and utilities. Your systems manufacturer may already be integrated into CheckMyCCTV meaning you can start using CheckMyCCTV straight away, click HERE to see a list of supported systems.

If you would like to discuss integrating CheckMyCCTV software with your project or systems, please Contact Us to talk to us about your integration requirements.

Typical examples where CheckMyCCTV can be used include:

• Retail and Commercial

• Banks and Financial Institutions

• Telecommunications

• Warehousing and Logistics

• Critical Infrastructure

• Government Facilities

• Healthcare Facilities

• Industrial Facilities

• Prisons

• Transportation

• Universities


New South Wales, Australia
(Servicing Australia & New Zealand)

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