VIASEC Deployment Options

Viasec will customise a deployment solution to suit any size service provider from a small installation company through to a large scale integrator. We can design and implement a system to allow you to monitor your clients surveillance system health 24/7 and action any faults immediately. This can be either a cloud based system for providers who dont want to run and manage servers themselves or a localised physical server that is managed internally with support from Viasec.

Cloud Hosted Solution

The cloud hosted system suits a business that doesn’t want to host their own servers and manage network redundancy and uptime.

The benefits are:

  • Low start up costs with no outlay for servers and related hardware
  • Data sovereignty maintained with reputable Australian based data centres
  • 99.9% Up-time Guarantee on servers to ensure quality of service.
  • Software updates and patches automatically applied.

Local Server Solution

Local server option best suited to a service provider with larger infrastructure and the ability to manage their own server hardware and software maintenance.

The benefits are:

  • All data maintained in-house in secure database
  • Self managed server infrastructure with remote support by Viasec
  • Option to add failover redundancy or additional backup measures per requirements