CheckMyCCTV Status & Operation Monitoring Software

You installed your surveillance systems to protect people, assets, customers, and buildings. You expect them to be working at all times so in the event of an incident you have what you need.

You want to ensure it stays that way – which is why we introduced CheckMyCCTV from VIASEC.

CheckMyCCTV is our unique service that ensures your surveillance systems are operational 24/7.

By monitoring and detecting CCTV issues around the clock, and reporting them directly to you and your service team, issues can be resolved before they become critical.

Automated Checks

24/7 remote checking, automated fault reporting, reduced system downtime.

Rapid Response

Immediate fault notification, proactive remote response, targeted service visits.

Customer Reports

Daily system status email reports by region or site, live status web viewing.

What is CheckMyCCTV?

CheckMyCCTV is an innovative new service that ensures the surveillance system you invested in is online and fully operational at all times. By identifying systems with issues automatically, quickly, and effectively, we can help you reduce system downtime and your customers’ security risks.

How Does It Work?

CheckMyCCTV works by automatically connecting to your CCTV systems remotely 24/7, and retrieving diagnostic and operational information. This information is automatically analyzed and issues are sent to your service team, who can then schedule a service visit to your customers’ site if required.

Why Use CheckMyCCTV?

Problems with security systems could be putting you at risk if they are not detected and rectified in a timely manner. Traditional maintenance leaves you vulnerable between visits, and relies on you to discover and report faults, often after an incident has occurred. CSI identifies and reports issues automatically, reducing your vulnerability when systems are faulty.

Benefits of CheckMyCCTV

Proactive CCTV Maintenance from VIASEC gives you a number of benefits over traditional CCTV Maintenance.

24/7 System Checks

Your systems are checked every hour of every day, so faults and issues can be detected and resolved in a timely manner before they become critical.

Routine System checks

Your systems are automatically checked for faults, tampering, and vandalism which affect their performance:

System Connection Check

Camera Failure Check

Recording Check

Record Duration Check

Time Accuracy Check

Image Integrity Check

S.M.A.R.T Disk Check*

Daily Configuration Backup*

System Restart Check*

Alarm Activations Check*

Lastest Software Check*

*Available on compatible systems.

Image Integrity Checks

On compatible systems, the integrity of the images can also be checked automatically.

You are alerted if your cameras have been tampered with, obscured, moved, out of focus, or too bright or dark.

Daily Status Report

CheckMyCCTV can send Daily Status Report emails which show a ’snapshot’ status of your sites in one email.

Live Status Page

CheckMyCCTV can generate a web link, so you can see the live status of your sites on your phone, tablet, or browser.

Works with systems behind firewalls

CheckMyCCTV works even if your customers’ CCTV systems are behind a firewall or there is no direct connection to the system, using the optional CheckMyCCTV Connector module.

Scalable maintenance service

CheckMyCCTV is scalable to monitor an unlimited number of sites. Sites can be grouped together, so you can offer the service to many customers using the same software installation.


• Issues are detected automatically.

• More effective CCTV maintenance.

• Targeted service visits.

• Reduced system downtime.

• Daily system status reporting.

• Live web page view.

Contact us to find out more about our innovative CheckMyCCTV solution, and start offering your customers a better CCTV maintenance service today.


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